Element Art & Lifestyle Sustainability Magazine

Element is a sustainability publication designed for my Senior Thesis. The inspiration for this project is to bring awareness to and inform its readers of the changes that artists, designers and pioneers are making to preserve and save our environment. 

This 50 page process was very hands on through my creation and application of fine art and manipulating letter-form in a unique way by using steel wool and paint. From there the letter-forms were scanned into Photoshop to achieve the gritty and earthy aesthetic combined with vibrantly designed spreads that shape the design of the magazine. 

All of the artwork was thoughtfully created for the spreads to bring a painterly aesthetic. I chose to use the phonetic spelling of the title as well as the section headers to show the break down of the word but more importantly it was chosen to express the break down of our environment from the plastic epidemic and the steps our society are taking to make a impact.